After many years away from Canada, we decided to move back and build a new home. Through a referral, we found Linda Hum to help us secure a small mortgage. She showed extreme professionalism and zeal to get the right product for us and at a fantastic rate. She lived up to all of our expectations and we are extremely grateful. We would recommend Linda as an important asset to anyone requiring help with their mortgage or financial needs.

– Brian Ouellette and Yvonne Steele

I have had the pleasure of working with Linda twice now for my Mortgage needs and each time Linda’s professionalism and attention to detail impressed me 100%. I will definitely work again with Linda in the future and I highly recommend her for your Mortgage needs.

– A. MacDonald

Excellent service! I thought I was fairly knowledgeable on mortgages and knew what I needed, but Linda certainly took that to a higher level and made some important adjustments – but only after thoroughly explaining the options and still giving me the full choice!

– P. Warren

I am so glad that my friend recommended Linda to me because I have never received such an extraordinary client service before. Linda listened to all the facets of our situation, presented options and was extremely patient and creative in working with us to find the right solution for us. She was always responsive, and every interaction was helpful and efficient. The advice I received regarding my financial planning was priceless. I just wish everyone I do business with had this kind of customer focus. I honestly can not recommend Linda enough!!! »

– S. Pintar

Linda provided exceptional and timely service and educated me along the way…and I ended up with a great rate. Thanks Linda!

– M. McLean

Linda’s assistance in helping both myself and my clients is definitely 5 STAR! She is committed to ensuring that the process is easy for her clients.  Couple that with her experience and respect in the industry what more can you ask for?  I highly recommend Linda!

– T. Lambert

Linda is a fantastic person who takes pride in sharing her knowledge with you, to ensure you get the best deal and can move forward in life taking care of yourself. Very impressed by this woman, and I encourage anyone to go see her for mortgage advice!

– N. Zaid

I went to Linda Hum on recommendation from a really good friend. When I was purchasing my house with my gf at the time, 6 weeks before closing, she bailed on me… Linda literally worked miracles adjusting finances and helping me so I could get the same house based only on my own income.

She cares about what she does and has a passion for helping people. I could not recommend a better person and will continue to go to her in the future!

– S. Matheson

I recently purchased my first home, a new build, and having worked in the banking industry years ago, I thought I knew how to negotiate a good rate from my bank.  Having dealt with RBC for over 20 years and with an excellent credit rating, I was disappointed to find out that not only would they not give me their best rate, I could not even get the same rate as a colleague who renewed his mortgage early through the same bank.

After doing some research online, I read that it doesn’t pay to be loyal to one bank anymore as this will not guarantee a good mortgage rate.  More and more are recommending mortgage brokers.  How true this turned out to be.  I found the process of dealing with the big banks directly (three to be exact) to be very stressful and worse than dealing with a used car salesman!  The ‘mortgage specialist’ would have to go to their manager to get a lower rate approved which can take a few days and when I mentioned that I was offered a lower rate elsewhere, they wanted proof.  The last thing you want to do is to have credit checks done by each of the banks you approach.  And they won’t confirm a rate without doing a credit check.

After much frustration and stress, I contacted Linda Hum.  Although I thought I knew everything about mortgages and what would be best for me, I soon found that there were little details, the fine print, which I was not aware of.

When I first met with Linda, she asked me what my goals were and I informed her that I intended to pay off my mortgage within 15 years.  Knowing this, she explained the importance of obtaining a mortgage with various options to pay it off sooner.  One credit check and not only did she find me a better rate than RBC, it is also a very flexible mortgage to suit my long term goals.

Weeks leading up to my new home purchase, she contacted me to let me know that rates had dropped slightly and that she had gone ahead and contacted the bank who was doing my mortgage and negotiated a lower rate.  She sent the documents to me right away for my signature and stayed late in her office until I could get them back to her.

Knowing this was my first home, she also contacted me to go over all the details of how closing day would play out which lowered my stress level drastically.  On closing day, I sent her a panic email about a concern I had that I didn’t think I was aware of and she quickly called me to answer my questions and reassure me that everything was fine.  I felt bad when I realized that she had previously explained this issue to me but I had forgotten.  She didn’t have an ‘I told you so’ attitude whatsoever and we had a good laugh over the matter.

Needless to say, I would highly recommend Linda to anyone who is either purchasing a home or renewing their mortgage.  It’s not all about the rate, although she will get you a great one.  Linda will provide you with excellent client service, taking your personal goals into consideration and ensuring you are aware of every detail of your mortgage.  She is always available to answer questions and concerns, even those you don’t think to ask.

– Colleen

My spouse and I were planning to start a family, this meant trading rent for a mortgage. We asked our friends and family if they could suggest a good mortgage broker. Not only was Linda a great referral but she was referred to us by 2 different people. We knew nothing about mortgages so Linda’s expertise and great personality gave us the confidence to buy our first home. We will certainly call Linda when it comes time to renew our mortgage. I recommend her to anyone looking for or renewing a mortgage.

– G. Desmarais